How to Write an Essay Title

How to Write an Essay Title

When you’re writing an essay, it’s imperative to choose the right title. The title of your essay should be as focused on keywords as the rest of the paper. However, if you’re not sure which keywords to use, you should check the introduction section to determine what the topic will be. If your topic is controversial, make sure your title will fit in with the rest of your paper. For example, “Decriminalizing Marijuana” is not very focused, while “The Social Impact of Decriminalization” is.

Avoid cliches

Common terms, or cliches, are used to describe a number of things. Most professors discourage you from using them because they lessen the uniqueness of your writing. Cliches are overused, meaningless words that are widely recognized and often have multiple uses in the same piece of writing. Instead of using a phrase like “I’m fine,” try to find a more specific expression that best conveys your point.

Avoid jargons

One of the top essay writing tips is to avoid jargons. The word jargon is defined as “a technical term or expression used in a formal context.” While jargons are not forbidden, they should not be used in an essay title. Slang, on the other hand, is considered informal and is not appropriate for an essay title. Experts advise against using slang in essay titles because of the confusion they can cause. Furthermore, slangs may vary from circle to circle, carrying different meanings for different audiences.

Avoid slang

If you’re writing an essay, you should avoid using slang or jargon. Slang and jargon are unprofessional and may turn readers off. Avoid using these words and phrases in your essay title. Your title page should be the first part of your paper, and should be followed by the introduction and conclusion. Throughout your paper, you should include headings that will guide your readers through your work.

Avoid sensitive issues

When writing an essay title, it is important to stay away from controversial topics. Such topics may trigger strong emotions in your readers. You may also end up offending people unintentionally. If you choose to address a controversial topic, be sure to do your research. You may want to use arguments to support your position, but do not generalize or be judgmental. Moreover, it is important to keep your words to a minimum.

Be succinct

The title of your essay should be concise, yet informative. It should summarize the central ideas of the paper in the fewest words. Just as headlines and slogans need to be brief but informative, your essay title should do the same. Here are some tips to help you write a good title:


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